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About My Approach

Empathic. Supportive. Direct.

You may find yourself feeling disappointed with your current circumstances, relationships, work, or the world at large. Perhaps you're feeling deeply dissatisfied and stuck, and it took significant courage to begin looking for help. When our life-learned coping mechanisms are no longer serving us, therapy can be an effective way to hit the reset button. We will work together to increase your self-knowledge and to empower you to move forward, even in the most difficult circumstances.

I am a licensed psychologist and clinical supervisor with over 8 years of experience providing culturally-attuned psychotherapy in the San Francisco Bay Area. Additionally, I have extensive experience as an esteemed matchmaker and dating/relationship coach. My experiences span a variety of settings including local mental health clinics, public and private schools, geriatric care facilities, and budding tech startups. 


I specialize in working with adults, adolescents, and couples experiencing high levels of stress, interpersonal conflict, difficult family dynamics, grief, and chronic pain or illness. I often work with people who feel "different" and who may have experienced discrimination and deep feelings of otherness throughout their lives. This includes children of immigrants, neurodiverse individuals, survivors of complex trauma/abuse, and others who identify with minority status in one or more ways.  


My approach is relational - I view the therapy relationship and other relationships in your life as being powerful indicators of how your past has shaped your present. My practice is informed by psychodynamics, attachment theory, social justice, family systems, and other depth-focused approaches to treatment. Together, we will uncover the complexities of your inner world and identify the relational patterns that feel stuck, in order to help you make meaningful change in your life.


I aim to create a safe space that invites curiosity and creativity, where talking about emotionally-painful topics doesn't feel so unbearable. If you'd like to explore the possibility of working together, I offer a complimentary consultation call prior to setting up an initial appointment. 

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